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How to Operate a Business as a Christian

A business that seeks to be successful and distinctive from its competitors ought to be formed under the Christian principles. Here is how a Christian should conduct his business with integrity.

As a Christian business person, it is important that you work with diligence and have passion for your work. Look for effective and honest ways of improving your business so that you can bring great benefits to the world. Just like Jesus was a great entrepreneur when He healed the sick, rose the dead, made the blind to see, you also should be innovative with your business and come up with great ideas that will be benefiting to the world.

As a Christian, you should make every effort for your business to be unique from that of your competitors. Your actions, decision, and thinking should be influenced by the presence of God in your life. It is important that you do everything as if you are doing it for God and not to please men.

In order to build a loyal customer base, deliver what you promised in terms of the quality of the product or service. You don’t want to spoil your business name when a customer has a bad experience at your business. ”A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver and gold” (Proverbs 22:1).

As Paul said in (Titus 3:8), devote yourself to doing what is good to make it profitable for everyone else. Provide your clients with the highest level of customer service in order to honor God. You also be demonstrating Gods power to transform the lives of your employees and customers.

A Christ-centered organization should put the needs of its people before its profit. Build a successful business guided by the standard and principles of God. Once you are profitable, the Bible teaches us not to forget our social responsibility to the community.

Additionally, a Christian business ought to have a commitment to its employees and provide them with equal opportunities for growth. Do not hold back your employees wages and give them fair opportunities as advised in (Leviticus 19:13). When you apply a level of fairness when paying your employees, you will drastically reduce employees issues in your organization.

As a Christina business person, you can never be right all the time, therefore, take criticism as a way of developing your business. Encourage criticism from your employees because they understand the business better and also listen to your customers reviews so that you will understand what they need and what changes need to be made. When you allow criticism, clients and employees will be more involved in creating successful products or services and this will improve your business.

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