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Persons who keep a good record of the finances owned by any company are referred to as accountants. In short, they are responsible for accounting for any penny that is received or used in the usual running of the business. In this case, accountants bear the burden of making sure that they track and audit company’s accountancy information. Accountancy is regulated by general rules which are meant to guide all accountants in submitting standard and acceptable accounting information. It is easier for people to read and understand any accounting information from any country.

Australian accountants are also called chartered accountants. Accountants in Australia are expected to join the chartered accountant’s institute or any other group available. It is a requirement for individuals who want to be recognized as members of the accounting team in Australia to undertake an accounting course. This course takes four years to which completing the course, one graduate from a school which is approved to offer such courses on Australia. After achieving a degree, one is then required to take a tertiary course. Individuals who are best suited for the tertiary class are those who wish to join the chartered accountant’s institute.

ICAA, NIC and CPA are some of the Australian accountancy organizations which are common, and one can find in Australia. ICAA which is located in Sidney has more than 55,000 members. A total of 129,000 members are associated with the CPA organization which was initially formed in the 1800’s. We can finally talk of NIA organization which emerged in 1923. We can talk of 22,000 members in this society. Accountants who are registered in the organization s mentioned above are very accountable and smart in their work. It is normal to respect and treat the accountants with much respects. It is the responsibility of every accountant to make sure that they work smart and ensure that they meet the needs of their customers.

Note that accountants who have enrolled and registered with these Australian organisations qualify to seek for employment and work as accountants. You should ensure that you conduct intensive research so that you can identify a company which can offer you quality employment. Accountancy work ought to be well rewarded, and this is the reason why you are supposed to seek employment from a high-class company which is capable of paying you a good salary. It is worth remembering that accountancy is a highly valued career in Australia. It is one of the highly paid jobs too. You have no reason to shun away from accounting. One is required to be bright in mathematics to excel in accountancy course.

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