Lessons Learned About Koozies

A Guide to Koozies

Have you ever asked yourself why your beer becomes warmer when you compare it to that of your friend’s? The reason might be that they are drinking beer from a can which is wrapped with a Koozie. So, you might be asking yourself what Koozies are. Koozies are only wrappers which are made from synthetic materials that help in keeping fluid cool. While some Koozies are manufactured from cloth or leather, others are made from materials such as Polyester, EVA, Vinyl, Neoprene and other open-cell and closed-cell foams.

How effective are Koozies? Imagine a case where you have a can that has chilled beer. Koozies can prevent the warming of the beer in the can as they insulate the beer can from conduction and heat radiation which might take place through sunlight or a simple touch. Specialists believe that Koozies can aid in lowering the speed at which a drink is warmed by the sun up to 50%.

Koozies are primarily used when folks are outdoors and they cannot access refrigerators. College students and busy people who move around a lot find it useful to employ Koozies to keep their drinks cool.

Even though the Koozies have had some development changes, there are some popular shapes and sizes. These are the Koozies for the 40 oz bottles and adjustable Koozies which are utilized for drinks or food containers which come in a variety of sizes. Nearly all Koozies have a handle on the top to help in holding them easily. Some of them include a long strap which enables people to slink the drink container with the Koozie over their shoulders.

Not only are Koozies employed to maintain the coolness of a drink, but some people use them in identifying their beer can or beverage containers from those of others. This enables them to avoid a mix up of the two. They write their names and put tags on the Koozies to make them stand out from the others.

Advertisers and marketers on the flip side see the bigger picture as they have seen that Koozies are an excellent way to promote any product or service because of a few reasons. First, they are cost-effective to produce and they can be found in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

There are a few methods in which Koozies are used in marketing and advertising. A few advertisers prefer to purchase lots of Koozies and then put the name and logo of their clients and an advertising message which is simple. This mostly happens in trade fairs to attract buyers to their stands. Folks also play their role by using Koozies for a number of purposes. A few use Koozies to make a fashion statement, others use it as a fashion accessory particularly for the students that go to school.

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