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Important Tools to Have in a Transcription Job

People usually have to travel to go to work but advanced technology has made it possible in today’s generation to be able to work at home. A type of job that is becoming popular nowadays where anyone can have the opportunity to apply is the transcription job.

It is advantageous to work at home because you do not need to spend on gas and face traffic to go to work, you will be able to manage your own time schedule for work, you do not need to deal on conflicts with office mates, you will be very comfortable working on a desk or couch at your own office at the house, and you will be able to have more play time with your kids.

The first thought that would come to your mind after reading the benefits is how to get started with this kind of job, and next would probably be the things you need. Below are the necessary details to know when applying for a transcription job.

A primary tool that is necessary for this kind of job is the USB headset. You can easily plug this tool into your personal computer or laptop. Various brands sell this type of product but a brand like Plantronics provide excellent quality and performance of USB headsets. Other people may not want to use this tool, but in a surrounding that can create conflict with the background noise and audio to transcribe, it is necessary to have a USB headset. The USB headset can be used in other means if you are not going to work so it is worth having still.

To be able to do the transcription job a well, software packages are needed. A popular software that you can consider starting with is GearPlayer. It is available for purchase on Amazon. If the job only requires an audio software, then you might want to consider getting Express Scibe, which is like Express Dictate. Some people use the foot pedal when transcribing using the software Express Scribe, but there is another option if you do not want a foot pedal. Use the hotkeys instead if you do not want to but the pedal.

Investing on a pedal, can however, give you advantages such as a more efficient and fast result. The foot pedal allows you more work on the hands rather than keeping it distracted on repeatedly pressing the hotkeys to stop, play and pause.

NHC website and Amazon sells the foot pedal if you plan on purchasing it now. You can avail the foot pedal with the Express Scribe or just purchase it alone.

Being a fast typer with 100wpm rate, can sometime need the help of text expander. All you need to do is to enter some keys or a code so that a common phrase will automatically fill in the sentence. This option is a time saver and efficient to use.

There are companies that would require you to have software that tracks time. This is usually required if the payment is on an hourly basis. TimeCamp is a good option for a time tracking software, as well as TraxTime.

You can find many transcription service companie nowadays. A good choice would be TransGlobal Incorporated. If you want to work with one of the best and have excelled in providing transcription services for years, you can assure that with TransGlobal Incorporated.Working at the convenience of your own safe haven and earning well is what you are going to achieve when you work for TransGlobal Incorporated.

The transcription job is for anyone who wants to try it. There are those that changed career from the corporate world to working at home. These are mostly parents who wish to earn and be there for their kids at the same time.

Knowing all the requirements and advantages, you may now be ready in becoming a transcriber. Contact us if you want to know more about transcription jobs.