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The Real Estate and Its Importance.

The term real estate is defined as property of land and buildings that has natural resources such as crops, minerals or water and it has immovable assets which are physical nature. Profession who buys, sells and rent land and building uses legal terms in the business of real estate which is applied in jurisdiction and they contain legal system that is derived from the English common law. In the street of real estate there are residential who are found there and they contain either single family or multifamily structure.

The structure that is found in the real estate are available for occupation or for the purpose of non-businesses. According to how the residence is connected to the neighboring residences and land it will depend on how they are classified House tenure are different but they can be used for the same physical type where residences who are connected are owned by a single entity and later leased out.

The reason why the sales and marketing of real estate is made a common practice to any intermediary is to provide to the owner of the real estate with the sales and marketing which are dedicated to the exchange for commission.

Different names are given to the intermediaries which differ to the type of continent and in North America the intermediary is referred to as real estate broker or realtor. In North America intermediary is referred to as real estate broker or realtor and many continent do refer the intermediary in a different way. A real estate agent or a real estate representative is a name that is given to any intermediary who is found in the Australia.
There are major categories or real estate and they include the attached or multi-unit dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, detached dwellings and portable dwellings. The detached dwellings consist of detached house or single-family detached house.

Semi-detached dwellings is divided into duplex which is a two units sharing the wall. The portable dwellings are sub-divided into houseboats which is a floating home, tents which have temporary roof and fabric wall and also sub-divided into mobile homes where full time residence uses movable wheels.

The apartment, multi-family house, terraced house, cooperative and condominium are the sub-division of attached dwellings. The type of multiple ownership in cooperative is where the residents own property and they have the right to occupy specific apartment. In condominium this structure is a building that is similar to apartments but they are owned by individual. The type of apartment is an individual unit and it has boundaries that are defined by the perimeter of lockable doors. The multi-family house the units of each floor has a separate apartment. Lastly, the terraced house consists number of single units which has a continuous row with shared walls and there is no intervening space.

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