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What to Consider When Choosing a Walking Cane

If you have an injury or are disabled, maintaining balance when walking can be a challenge. To overcome the challenge, you can use a walking cane. There are different types of canes in the market. The canes come in various designs, shapes and are made of different materials. Therefore, you should research well to determine which cane will be best for you.

Most people go for walking canes that have a single tip. People who are not severely disabled or that do not struggle a lot with maintaining balance will find single tip canes useful. However, for anyone with severe balance challenges e.g. those recuperating from serious accidents, these canes do not help a lot. To overcome severe balance challenges, it is best to get a walking stick with four tips. The walking stick is also known as a quad cane. The canes have wider bases, which make them the best for anyone that has severe balance issues. However, most people find quad cane quite awkward to use. The canes are best for anyone that is recuperating from stroke.

Your therapist or doctor can recommend the best walking cane to buy based on your balance challenges.

Get a Cane With the Right Grip
Consider the grip of the walking cane you would like to buy. When it comes to grip, consider your preferences. If you cannot hold the cane with your fingers due to joint paints caused by arthritis and other ailments, look for one with a larger grip.

Choosing a cane with the correct grip will prevent you from feeling pain on your fingers, arms and joints. Using a cane that has a good grip will ensure you do not suffer from joint pains. A cane with a poor grip will make your fingers start feeling pain. Find out from your therapist which walking canes will be more suitable for your situation.

Does the Walking Cane Fit You Properly?
If you want to find the right walking cane, you need to find one that has the right fit. You can buy an adjustable walking cane or one that is not adjustable. The fit of the walking cane will determine the kind of experience you will have when walking with it.

You can check how your elbow bends to determine whether the fit of the cane you want to buy is good. When using a cane to walk, your elbow should be bent at about 15 degrees. Sometimes, the elbow will have to bend even more if you have major problems when it comes to balancing.

The above are two factors to consider before choosing a walking cane.

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