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Health Benefits that Result from the Use of chlorella.

Everything in our environment is becoming more and more contaminated and therefore affecting us through the foods we consume, the water we ingest, and the air we inhale. also we are also influenced by all the additives used in the food industry. On top of this we are also exposed to pesticides, herbicides, and drugs used in food production and agriculture. Other things that also affect us are cigarette smoke, exhaust, pharmaceutical drugs, and detergents.

Because of all these contaminants our body need to be cleansed. Our bodies are created with the ability to remove these contaminants from the body. The unfortunate thing is that our bodies are unable to handle the pressures from all these contaminants, the outcome is the development of toxin-related disease such as cancers .

Chlorella which is a green algae is a nutrient dense super food containing high levels of proteins amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. The green pigment in chlorella is the one responsible for the cleansing functions. Chlorella has chlorophyll five times greater than all the known plants. Its configuration makes it able to link with the harmful compounds in our bodies and also shuttle them out of the body. This organic supplement is wise in that it links only to the harmful compounds and leaves the useful ones untouched. The chlorophyll cleanses the bloodstream, liver, kidneys, and bowel.

the liver is usually the major detoxifier in our bodies, and it breaks down toxic chemicals, medicines, alcohol, food additives, and agro-chemicals. Chlorella nourishes the liver making it more efficient in cleaning the body. In this way it helps to strengthen the liver functions. The help given to the liver by chlorella in removing the toxins prevents the liver from effects of excessive toxins.

The benefits that will result from chlorella detoxification include cleaning of your blood, liver, and bowel. It cleanses the body and the blood of any foreign compounds. It helps to process more oxygen and neutralizes bad air that you breathe in. In addition to detoxification functions chlorella also has other health benefits such as boosting the immune system, improving digestion, increasing energy levels, balancing the body’s PH. This organic supplement also balances the blood glucose and the blood flow rate and reduces the prevalence of cancer.

It is important to use a small amount of chlorella when you are a beginner while adjusting the volumes in a step wise manner to see the effect on the body. The time required for your body to be detoxified may vary from weeks to months.

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